Everything you need to know about Hotel Check-in Kiosks in 2022

By Aila Staff

October 27, 2022

The world is quickly evolving towards self-service technology. Hotel check-in kiosks are becoming more and more popular due to the continuing challenge of staff shortages. The CEO of Marriott says hotel labor shortage is the “most significant challenge” that hotels are currently facing. Luckily, the hotel check-in kiosk protects the guest experience, while being able to perform all the tasks a front desk concierge would normally do. Just because there is a staff shortage, doesn’t mean the guest experience needs to suffer. 

What is a hotel check-in kiosk 

A hotel check-in kiosk is a self-service automated high-tech system with a touchscreen feature that gives guests an alternative option for check-in, sign-up, and verifying documents without the help of an employee. A hotel check-in kiosk allows guests to check-in in seconds, making it convenient during the peak hours of check-in and check-out. They can also provide customers with a touchless experience, giving hotels and guests greater flexibility, productivity, and convenience.

As technology advances and evolves, consumers’ expectations are increasing. According to CXMToday, 81% of consumers say they want more self-service options.” The hotel check-in kiosk is a perfect contactless, self-service solution, and fits consumers expectations and needs.

Lobby kiosk

How can hotel check-in kiosks benefit your hotel?

The hotel check-in kiosk gives your hotel lobby a modernized appearance while doing more than just checking-in and out guests. Benefits include: 

  • Reduce lines and wait times: Don’t lose guests due to frustrating long lines. Hotel check-in kiosks can shorten lines at check-in, check-out, and everywhere in between. Guests value the hassle-free, seamless processes for checking-in and checking-out of a hotel. 
  • Boost operational efficiency: Hotel employees are stretched thin—self-service can help. Save your staff’s time by automating tasks and providing a fast, convenient self-service option.
  • Modernize your hotel: From superior user experience and security to screen resolution and processing power, check-in kiosks like Aila’s do it all- one platform, with endless opportunities.
  • Improve the guest experience: Offering a self-service check-in option for guests can create a more personalized experience.

hotel check-in kiosk

Hotel check-in kiosks help guests and employees

Enterprises have discovered the secret to a successful, well-balanced check-in process that improves the guest experience and keeps hotel employees from doing simple tasks that can be done through the hotel check-in kiosk. Instead of having one front desk concierge handling a line of guests, checking them in and out, the hotel check-in kiosks can handle that process in just a few clicks. The hotel check-in kiosk also frees up the time of hotel employees allowing them to focus on higher-value face-to-face interactions with guests. 

 The hotel check-in kiosk can also set a great first impression. First impressions are so important since that is what determines the majority of our perceptions when it comes to pretty much anything, making the hotel check-in experience no different. The first impression is linked with the overall guest satisfaction. If you want guests to be satisfied with their check-in experience you want to make sure that they have a simple, easy, and seamless experience.

Aila’s hotel check-in kiosk 

The Interactive Kiosk provides an ideal self-service solution for hotels. With a wide selection of mounting options, powerful scanning, and a user-friendly iOS-based interface, and compatibility with any iOS app, the Interactive Kiosk can offset labor shortages and improve the guest experience at the point of entry. 

Aila is the leading provider of enterprise automation for many industries making each and every experience unique. Aila’s Interactive Kiosk provides an ideal self-service solution for hotels. With a range of mounting options, powerful scanning, and a user-friendly iOS based interface, and compatibility with any iOS app. 


To learn more about Aila’s Interactive Kiosk contact us here

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